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Welcome to Keith Macri Creative, your premier source for high-quality creative services and production. Specializing in captivating content creation, we craft videos and designs that tell your story and engage your audience. With a wealth of experience collaborating with renowned brands like the Boston Red Sox, San Francisco Giants, The Mass State Lottery and more, we're confident in our ability to exceed your expectations. Whether you're in need of a TV commercial, corporate video, or social media content, our expert team has the creativity and expertise to make your brand stand out. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us bring your vision to life!"

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My Story

A little about me... if you’re interested.

My journey into the world of production began at the tender age of 14 when I started making movies with my friends. I immediately fell in love with visual storytelling.

Following my passion, I went to Emerson College in Boston, diving headfirst into the world of film. Along the way, I seized an incredible opportunity to intern with the Boston Red Sox, where I gained invaluable experience in my craft and professionalism. I am eternally grateful for my time there, the friends I made, and... the World Series rings, but after 8 years, I had to move on.

After a brief stint at NESN, I found myself living out a dream job as the Executive Producer for the San Francisco Giants. But ultimately, the allure of Boston drew me back home. Joining Spartan Race as Director of Media, I embraced the challenge of crafting compelling narratives for a diverse audience. I had the chance to work on not one, but two NBC TV shows and fully integrated marketing campaigns with a goal of getting 100 million people off the couch. It was an amazing experience and, more importantly, the place I met my beautiful wife.

And then came The Mass State Lottery—a diamond in the rough that I couldn’t resist polishing. Here, I've built a production department from scratch and assembled an in-house creative team that's breaking new ground. From marketing campaigns, to big-budget commercial productions, and even producing live game shows from the ground up—there’s never a dull moment at the Lottery.

But there is always room for more! In my free time, I write screenplays, make short films, and host a podcast-style YouTube show called The Bluff Council where Ev Duran and I review all different kinds of films. Check it out!

I’m a husband, a father, and a creative. I love every second of it.

So, whether you're looking to bring your brand to life or simply want to chat about the latest blockbuster, I’m here for it all. Let’s create something amazing together!

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